Meet MAE

“The idea of this brand is simple. I’m on a mission to inspire – one statement piece at a time.” – Mae


Handcrafted in North Georgia, MAE Wearable Art is a modern-day costume jewelry concept created to inspire. After years in Corporate Sales and Marketing, Margaret Mewborn or “Mae” decided to switch her focus from technology to jewelry – something she had only worn, never made.

Her determination to find a way to capture the elegant style of generations past while working with materials that are unbelievably light in nature created something comfortable and stylish for all women – it created MAE Wearable Art.

Mae wasn’t always a jewelry designer. Although she always had a love for vintage pieces from her grandmother’s collection, she turned to jewelry making as a way to cope after losing two of her best friends within six months of each other.

Channeling her shock and hurt from the loss she started painting and working with different mediums – and rekindled a love for her creative background. Since launching this brand, the “button” earring has transformed to over 60 different styles and color combinations – all handmade.

We proudly support the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center in Birmingham, Alabama, by donating 100% of proceeds of the Anna Collection in our friend Anna’s memory. You can learn more about this initiative by visiting The Anna Collection on our site.

Mae resides in North Georgia with her incredibly supportive husband Patrick, precious daughter Anne Helen + adorable pup Bryant.