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VoyageATL - Meet Mae


As seen on Dynasty (The CW) Season 2 Episode 12 - "Filthy Games"

Kirby - Tan Square Stud 

As seen on Dynasty (The CW) Season 2 Episode 16 - "Miserably Ungrateful Men"

Reed - Citrus 

Madewell Hometown Hero Feature

Featured as a local artisan/partner of Madewell's  #everydaymadewell campaign

 Featured in Atlanta Horse Connections, Volume 28

Featured on Lydia Menzies' Blog, The Party Wagon, as part of the "Lydia Loves" collection. 

The Party Wagon is the ultimate collection of party ideas, recipes, travel guides, decor inspiration, and more since 2011! This is a guide to living creatively, celebrating with panache, and enjoying the little things!